Division V

Melbourne to Adelaide

The event began at midday Sunday August 5th, 1979, from the Melbourne Showgrounds. The first division designated V for Victoria, ran through to Adelaide by late Monday afternoon with a brief stop around midnight in Mount Gambier and a morning break of several hours in Renmark. The route is shown below.

The route comprised 5 special stages totalling 146.8 km, 4 trial stages totalling 360.2 km and 15 transport stages totalling 1125.3 km for a total division distance of 1632.3 km of which 31% was competitive.

Detailed descriptions of the stages, conditions and stories are split into four parts:

Full route instructions are available here.

While the afternoon seeding stage was run in fine overcast weather, it rained heavily during the evening making the Creswick and Heywood stages treacherous. Having set the quickest time on the Seeding Stage, Geoff Portman in the privately entered "Shepparton" Stanza had first on the road ahead of Brock and Carr. Portman again set the quickest time at Creswick with Carr close behind. The leading crews cleaned all the remaining stages until the Kuitpo Special Stage near to Adelaide, where Brock was quickest but only 9 seconds ahead of Portman who would lead the event into Adelaide. Conditions for the following cars on the run north from Mount Gambier to Renmark deteriorated quickly with both a treacherous unexpected muddy road at the end of a transport stage near Bordertown and then the deep sand of the Sunset Country taking between minutes and hours off later competitors. In retrospect, the first division had been pretty easy but it had sorted the serious competitors from the amateurs. It had revealed the organisers' intentions - that there would be pressure all the way through the event and you could not even afford to relax on transport stages!

While the results show 82 cars were credited with visiting all controls, only about 70 had done the entire course to Adelaide with many taking a wrong direction on the end of the Sunset Country stage and also missing the passage control. Several cars had also systematically visited all controls but some from the wrong direction, simply not completing some stages at all. Only 20 cars lost under an hour and an additional 13 or 14 cars under 2 hours. The scores of those who visited all major controls were:

  1. Portman/Thompson/Hammond (Stanza) 2.53
  2. Brock/Philip/Richards (Commodore) 3.45
  3. Ferguson/Bell/Boddy (Commodore) 5.18
  4. Bond/Riley/Dawson-Damer (Cortina) 6.23
  5. Sutton/Williams/Brock (Datsun 1600) 7.50
  6. Mehta/Aaltonen/Lake (Commodore) 8.12
  7. Perkins/Perkins (VW Beetle) 12.45
  8. Johnson/Vaderbyl (Volvo 242) 14.00
  9. Rowney/Wilson/Tyson (Datsun 180B) 17.39 (Results sum to 17.59)
  10. Carr/Morrow/Gocentas (Cortina) 17.44
  11. Stewart/Parry (Commodore) 18.28
  12. Dunkerton/McKay/Jones (Volvo 244) 21.47
  13. Jensen/Johnson/Wellington (Volvo 242) 23.46
  14. Fury/Bonhomme/Suffern (Cortina) 24.15
  15. Nalder/Richards/Boyd (Celica) 25.38
  16. Cowan/Reddiex/Beaumont (Citron CX) 28.03
  17. Warmbold/Willemsen/Schleuter (Audi 100SE) 34.15
  18. Mason/Hicks/Horley (Commodore) 36.13
  19. Barth/Kushmaul (Porsche 924) 37.08 (Results sum to 37.10)
  20. Hodgson/Houghton/Mitchell (Falcon) 47.28
  21. Hilton/Bourke/Pattenden (Celica) 1.02.07
  22. Loader/Hill/Neale (Lancer) 1.03.38
  23. Hurrey/Geddes (Celica) 1.07.13 (Results sum to 3.37.13, doubtful 2.5 hour loss at Bordertown)
  24. McCubbin/Kelly/Guyatt (Monaro GTS) 1.11.45
  25. Herrmann/Rainsford (Porsche 911) 1.12.13
  26. Faulkner/de Vaus/Bateson (Peugeot 504) 1.14.35
  27. Maloney/Vitnel/Daley (Leyland P76) 1.19.00
  28. Davis/Eather/Toner (Datsun 180B) 1.21.54 (Results sum to 22.54 but appears to omit a significant time loss at Bordertown)
  29. Watson/Harrowfield (Peugeot 505 Diesel) 1.28.49
  30. Jackson/West/Jackson (Commodore) 1.34.06 (Results sum to 1.42.57)
  31. Meehan/Gifford/Gardiner (Monaro GTS) 1.35.18 (Results sum to 2.45.07)
  32. Quill/Quill/Ellis (Commodore) 1.37.37
  33. Leighton/Mason/Cohn (Datsun 1600) 1:37:52
  34. Glennie/Shaw/Amos (Stanza) 1.44.45
  35. Roberts/Waterson/Carrol (Commodore) 2.01.33
  36. Colless/Johnston/McCoy (Datsun 1600) 2.04.26
  37. Lockhart/Dunstan/Finlayson (Commodore) 2.10.04 (Results sum to 3.53.04)
  38. Lund/Elliott (Mazda RX7) 2.11.06 (Results sum to 2.10.56)
  39. Murray (Jack 'Milko')/Myers (Peugeot 504) 2.28.06
  40. Enter/Enter (Galant) 2.29.07
  41. Lahiff/Beath/Clarke (HR Holden) 2.30.29 (Results sum to 2.17.29, probably 23 minute loss at Bordertown not shown)
  42. Mizel/Hall/Fricker/Mortimer (Chevy Blazer) 2.33.58
  43. Sheridan/Reid (Datsun 1600) 2.37.02
  44. Lloyd/Crockenberg/Dick (Colt) 2.37.51
  45. Miettunen/Morgan/Suominen (Volvo 244) 2.39.42
  46. Murray ('Gelignite' Jack)/D'Albora/Murray (Commodore) 2.40.12
  47. Clarke/Davis/Burge (Datsun 180B) 2.44.32
  48. Stanley (Eric)/Manning/Burr (VW) 2.46.52
  49. Lance/Craft/Robinson (Commodore) 2.51.34 (Results sum to 2.47.44)
  50. Taylor/Hunt (Rover 3500) 2.50.54
  51. Penny/Kennard/Brown (LH Torana) 2.57.00
  52. Bennett/Gleeson/Ogilvie (EH Holden) 3.00.33 (Results sum to 5.16.15)
  53. Glover/Burke/Hather (VW) 3.02.39
  54. Tattingham/Geue/Kemp (EH Holden) 3.09.09
  55. Potter/Bain (Mazda RX3) 3.19.38
  56. Behret/Schmidt/Schmidt (Audi 100SE) 3.21.59
  57. Suth/Gros/Suth (VW) 3.25.01
  58. Tucker/Maidment/Finch (LH Torana) 3.40.42
  59. Koseki/Takaoka (Subaru Leone) 3.52.04
  60. Pittaway/Boston (XY Ford Ute) 4.06.42
  61. Corr/McKimmie/Johansson (Saab) 4.07.09
  62. Harris/Ross/Boyd (Citroen CX) 4.16.25
  63. Richardson/Daniel/Fullerton (XD Falcon) 4.36.02 (missed a passage control)
  64. Foden/Baker/Young (Leyland P76) 4.49.29 (Results sum to 4.50.29)
  65. Finlay/Sullivan/McLeod (Commodore) 5.11.15
  66. Nicholson/Crawford (Lancer) 6.00.23
  67. Kaitler/Kay/Harper (Datsun 1600) 6.12.43 (missed a passage control)
  68. Walsh/Whitby/Wunderlich (Ford 'Grey Ghost') 7.03.54 (missed a passage control)
  69. Kurnuszko/Lillie/Jones (Commodore) 7.08.34 (Results sum to 7.06.34)
  70. Birrell/Smith/Nixon (Renault 16TS) 7.18.43 (Results sum to 7.30.43)
  71. Madgwick/Hanna (Ford F100) 7.38.30 (missed a passage control)
  72. Stanley (Trevor)/Harrison (Volvo 244) 7.53.41 (Results sum to 5.53.41, perhaps a missed passage not shown)
  73. Caddey/Mulach/Hanrahan (Fairmont) 8.04.17 (missed two passage controls)
  74. Larkin/Conner/Larkin (EH Holden) 8.10.56 (Results sum to 8.11.06)
  75. Wilson/Baker/Freeze (Mercedes 280S) 10.22.35 (missed a passage control)
  76. Wallis/Cochrane/Davies (Peugeot 404) 10.48.54 (missed a passage control)
  77. Jones/Jones/Webber (Riley) 11.53.01 (missed two passage controls)
  78. Farmer/Farmer/Fraser (Leyland P76) 12.10.31 (probably includes wrong directions)
  79. Turner/Donohue/Sparrow (Leyland P76) 12.30.09 (probably includes wrong directions)
  80. Goldsborough/Flanagan/Ground (Commodore) 12.52.28 (missed a passage control)
  81. Carter/Stephens/Draper (XC Falcon) 15.08.27 (missed a passage control)
  82. Caudle/Drew/Elsden (Datsun 1600) 20.06.23 (Results sum to 17.58.23, probably includes wrong directions)
Saville/Fyvie/Harris (Peugeot 504) are not shown in the results so it is not possible to tell if they visited all controls or not.

There are a number of significant discrepencies in the results, the most notable being the Davis 180B being shown as having lost 1:21:54 which appears to include 59 minutes lost at Bordertown yet the results show an unlikely clean sheet. Another is the Peter Hurrey Celica with stage times totalling two and half hours more than was shown, but perhaps that time lost at Bordertown was recorded erroneously.

Of the final 13 cars that completed the entire route, only 7 were under the hour, which just showed that it was possible to bounce back from a problem, as the Porsche of Herrmann would do. On the other hand, if you look at the positions into Adelaide of the cars that placed 1st to 13th in the final results they were in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 12th, 10th, 15th, 22nd, 25th, 19th, 28th, 29th, 42nd, 30th. The order didn't change a lot, just that others fell by the way.

The results classified 162 cars as still being in the event at Adelaide but 5 of them did not start the next dvision. The 79 who missed controls were as follows:

  • Missed 1 control:
    Mulligan/Byrn/Heaney (Escort)
    McArthur/McArthur/McArthur (XY Falcon)
    Moore/Delmont/McCarthur (Leyland P76)
    Beveridge/Heaney/Jarman (Volvo 244)
    Minett/Chapple/Watson (Datsun 1600)
    Kipling/Potticary (Holden HJ Ute)
    Sawyer/Halliday/Mortimer (XD Falcon)
    Bray/McMahon/Smith (Valiant Charger 770)
    Walker/McCann (Renault 12)
  • Missed 2 controls:
    Kuss/Wraight/Knight (Escort)
    Ellis/Wall (Datsun 120Y)
    Bell/Vaughan (Peugeot 203)
    Ingerson/Wilson/MacCulloch (Peugeot 404)
    McDiarmid/Phegan/Travis (Datsun 180B SSS)
    Heaton/Shepherd/Mann (HJ Holden Panel Van)
  • Missed 3 controls:
    Boaden/Pritchard/Atkin (Mazda RX4)
    Hunt/Barnes/Hayes (Datsun 180B)
    Craig/Wansborough (Mini Cooper S)
    Cleaves/Stone (Mini Moke)
    Hedderwick/Forsyth (Renault 16TS)
    Koch/Darling/Koch (Commodore)
    Gough/Hutton/Bishop (LJ Torana)
    Spanbroek/Compton/Plywright (Datsun 240K)
  • Missed 4 controls:
    Myers/Myers/Sinfield (Peugeot 504)
    Easton/Rayner/Bell (Datson 1600)
    Cuthel/Harris (XU1 Torana)
    Gawler/Gawler (Celica)
    O'Donnell/Geissler/Gibson (LX Torana)
    Donoghue/Logan/Grace (Celica)
    Moore/Sethna (VW Beetle)
    Feizaks/Molan (Citroen D)
  • Missed 5 controls:
    Mitchell/Rowe/York (Cortina Mk2)
    Neilson/Stewart/Tyre (HQ Holden)
    Webster/Jolly/McIntyre (FJ Holden)
    Sparkes/Clayton (Ford Fairmont)
    Reinders/Lewis (FJ Holden)
  • Missed 6 controls:
    Tholstrup/Perry (Chevvy Pickup)
    Ohta/Ohnuma/Kabayashi (Toyota TE61 Coupe)
    Kahler/Partridge/Simeon (Mazda RX4)
    Boys/Vonthien (Ford F100)
    Herdy/O'Kane/Gramenz (Peugeot 504)
    Giddings/Jones/Seaman (Datsun 200B)
    Barnes/Smith (Hillman Hunter)
    Roggenkamp/Adair/Eakin (Escort)
    Stockley/O'Neill (Porsche 911E)
    Fullagher/Fullagher/Fullagher/Fullagher (Monaro GTS)
  • Missed 7 controls:
    Alexander/Sedgwick (Escort)
    Cafe/Gurney/Dawson (Mazda RX4)
    Hall/Smith/Lott (Escort)
    Darby/Clark/Stewart (HR Holden)
  • Missed 8 controls:
    Bird/McKinnon (Corolla)
    Garner/Madden/Corban (Torana)
    Stevenson/Eassie/Lincoln (Austin 1800)
    Rayner/Campbell/Loader (HT Holden)
    Bolton/Ebzery (Dodge Kingsway)
  • Missed 9 controls:
    Clyborne/Hayes (Ford Pickup)
    Glass/Loftus/Brittliff (Torana
    O'Shanesy/Dean/O'Shanesy (Fiat 131)
    Fritter/Kelly/Fritter (Datson 1600)
    Mulholland/Mulholland (VW Beetle)
    Ferrier/Smith (Honda Civic)
    Hayden/Phillis/Hogan (Mazda RX2)
    Coleman/Boot (Honda Civic)
    Taylor/McCulloch/Taylor(Peugeot 504)
  • Missed 10 controls:
    Johnson/Marsh (Mazda R100)
    Cleworth/Comley/Ballestrin (Mini GT)
  • Missed 12 controls:
    Barkell/Breese (Escort)
  • Missed 13 controls:
    Bryson/Cable-Cumming (Escort)
  • Missed 14 controls:
    Bolch/Keane/Owen (Monaro HJ GTS)
    Phillips/Drew/Prentice (XD Falcon)
    McTigue/Sheridan/Wilson (HQ Holden Panel Van)
  • Missed 15 controls:
    White/Austin/Hogarth (Mazda Coupe)
    Haslam/Bing (Ford Sedan)
  • Missed 16 controls:
    Duyveston/Kirk/Comley (EH Holden)
    Hargrave/Hutton/Trinks (Torana)
    Parsons/Parsons (Mazda 323)
    Ruyter/Ruyter (Mini Moke)
  • Missed 18 controls
    Mills/McDonald/McCulloch (EH Holden)
    Lunney/Tyler/Tyler (Peugeot 504)

The 10 retirements at or before Adelaide were as follows (5 were classified as reaching Adelaide but they did not start Division S):

  • Block/Thompson (Falcon Ute) - Broke axle on Seeding Special Stage
  • Kennett/Stewart/Nye (Austin 1800) - Transmission problems at Tooborac
  • Baumgartner/Ostler (Gemini) - Navigator broke leg opening a gate near Tarpeena
  • Goss/Moresi (Landcruiser) - Destroyed by fire near Pinnaroo
  • Mulligan/Byrn/Heaney (Escort) - Starter motor at Kuitpo, but may have jumped to Marree or Coober Pedy
  • Alexander/Sedgwick (Escort) - Broke motor at Pinnaroo
  • Glass/Loftus/Brittliff (Torana) - Out of late running time at Adelaide
  • Mulholland/Mulholland (VW Beetle) - Out of late running time at Adelaide
  • Ruyter/Ruyter (Mini Moke) - No details
  • Reynolds/Herbert/Herbert (VW) - No details
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